Verdant Herbals THC Detox Ingredients


Organic Coltsfoot:

Tussilago farfara, or more commonly called coltsfoot, is a flower in the groundsel group of the daisy family. Coltsfoot is very helpful for smokers when trying to quit and it'll be found it most smoking detox kits (THC or nicotine). In addition to it's detoxifying properties, it helps and is known for it's soothing of bronchitis, colds and pneumonia or in this case phlegm that may be present from smoking weed. 

Organic Elecampane:

A little known fact, in France and Switzerland elecampane is used in the manufacture of absinthe. This root has been employed by the ancients, mentioned in Pliny, Natural History both as a medicine and as a condiment, and in England it was formerly in great repute as an aromatic tonic and stimulant of the secretory organs. Elecampane is commonly used in herbal medicine as an expectorant of toxins and for water retention which assist in flushing cannabis metabolites from your system. 

Organic Fennel:

Known as the perfect digestive cleanse, fennel fiber acts like a gentle brush that moves through the digestive system, clearing both the large and small intestinal tracks, and toxins in the colon that could potentially cause colon cancer. Fennel itself is a natural laxative that helps extract and eliminate toxins. Lastly, for purposes of removing traces of marijuana from the body, the oils found in fennel stimulate the secretion of powerful digestive juices that aid during the detox period.

Organic Cascara Sagrada:

Cascara sagrada is also called cascara, california buckthorn, sacred bark and rhamnus purshiana; it has been used traditionally used by Native Americans for washing the bowel. This is a very strong cleansing herb for eliminating THC from the system, even if you use it as a standalone alternative. The effectiveness of this cleansing herb is attributed to anthraquinone, a cathartic that can be found in a number of colon-friendly herbs such as senna, aloes, rhubarb as well as cascara sagrada. 

Organic Licorice Root:

Used for centuries in folk medicine, licorice root is a valuable tool in total body detoxification. Containing something known as glycyrrehntinic acid, licorice root works to neutralize strong chemical reactions in the liver and protect the organ overall. Taken as a tea, tablet, or extract, licorice root offers many liver-health benefits.

Organic Milk Thistel:

Silymarin, a substance within milk thistle, works to increase protein synthesis very important to liver health and much more. Studies have indicated milk thistle is a viable treatment for liver diseases, bile duct inflammation, and damage due to alcoholism. It may also be effective at protecting the body from pollutants in the air and food supply.

Organic Chickweed:

Chickweed can help purify the blood and detoxify the body. It will help dissolve the plaque that builds up in blood vessels. It is useful for weight loss and can decrease the appetite. It can be used for rheumatism and chest infections. It is used homeopathically for joint inflammation.

Organic Yellow Dock:

Yellow dock is most often used for its ability to facilitate detoxification. The cleansing ability of the plant can help with many functions. For instance, it is a powerful blood cleanser and lymph cleanser, inciting and increasing the action of lymph glands throughout the entire body.

Organic Ginseng:

On a molecular level, the components in Ginseng (called ginsenosides and saponins) support the functional efficiency of the liver. Ginseng is one of the main ingredients that will assist with cleaning your system of weed for your urinalysis. While the liver actually performs over 500 different jobs, the three main functions are:

Creates Bile – The liver must always work at its maximum because it has the important job of creating bile. A healthy and efficient liver can remove more unwanted bacteria.

Filters The Body Of Toxins – Especially for detectable drug elements like cannabis, the liver detoxifies our body, and Ginseng is a natural detox supplement that helps keep our liver working efficiently.

Metabolic Purification – The liver also breaks down the body’s own wastes or in this case left over detectable marijuana toxins and helps convert nutrients for the blood stream.  An added benefit of Ginseng is that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which will assist you in feeling rejuvenated during the detox period. Most people rely on vegetables and fruits to get their essential vitamins and minerals. What they don’t know is the large number of fruits and veggies needed to equal the proper dose is almost impossible to achieve in our nutrient-poor modern diets!  In a single serving, Ginseng delivers many of the essential nutrients that keep your liver happy and functioning at an optimal level.

Organic Potassium:

Potassium is the balancing mineral, but we usually just use it to maintain proper fluid levels because it’s an electrolyte. But potassium balances the levels of other minerals, like sodium. So if you get too much or too little of a mineral, potassium helps your body process it. Potassium is a conduit to using all other minerals properly. It’s also an electrolyte which spreads energy to muscles, cells, tissues, and organs, ensuring everything is working as it should. It also removes waste from your cells – potassium is the cellular detox mineral and the exact reason that Verdant Herbals has included it in our marijuana detox formula.


Glutamine has two nitrogen atoms in the form of an alpha-amino group and an amide group. Because of these two nitrogen groups, glutamine is able to shuttle nitrogen back and forth throughout the body. It is estimated that one-third of all amino-acid nitrogen is transported by the blood in the form of glutamine.

The liver and kidneys play key roles in managing this nitrogen-containing compound. The liver is able to detoxify the blood by removing excess ammonia from venous blood and converting it to glutamine to keep the blood from becoming toxic. On the other hand, the kidneys are able to make ammonia from glutamine and excrete it as necessary. These functions show the importance of glutamine in the body, and that it helps regulate the acid/base balance and keep blood healthy.


Mullein is a great herb for lungs clearing. It's for this reason that we included it in our unique formula. It removes THC remnants as well as alleviates and soothes and side-effect of quitting smoking weed. Its leaves and flower can be used for soothing nasal passages. Is has been used as an herbal remedy for respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis.


Fenugreek is used as an herb (dried or fresh leaves), spice (seeds), and vegetable (fresh leaves, sprouts, and microgreens).  They contain alkaloids (mainly trigonelline) and protein high in lysine (Lysine is an essential amino acid needed for growth and to help maintain nitrogen balance in the body.) and L-tryptophan. Its steroidal saponins are thought to inhibit cholesterol absorption and synthesis. Due to the potential uterine stimulating properties of fenugreek, which may cause miscarriages, fenugreek should not be used during pregnancy.

Organic Slippery Elm:

Some of the most interesting health benefits of slippery elm include its ability to reduce inflammation, soothe indigestion, heal the skin, eliminate infections, reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, boost eye health, protect against ulcers, detoxify the body, aids in oral health, and improve respiratory health.

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