How Does a Detox Work?

How To Detox?

Is it time for a marijuana detox? Maybe you’ve got a drug test coming up (hopefully for happy reasons, like a job promotion!), or maybe you have been using marijuana heavily and want to take a break so you get a stronger high (sometimes called a tolerance break). Whether you’ll soon be trying to pass a drug test or you’re just trying to rejuvenate the effects of marijuana, you should know how a detox works so that you get the best results possible.

If you are looking to do a marijuana detox in order to pass a drug test, you may be wondering how long weed stays in your system. We have written a fully detailed blog on that, but the short answer is up to 30 days. (Note: if your drug test checks your hair for THC metabolites, you should know that THC can be found there for up to 90 days.) However, if you’re trying to pass a drug test on short notice, take comfort in the fact that our THC Detox Kit guarantees you’ll get weed out of your system within 48 hours! You can read more tips for passing a drug test here.

The reason we can offer such a fast THC Detox is that we work highly effective, proven pharmaceutical-grade extracts in conjunction with the body’s natural detox system. While our supplements are especially helpful in a marijuana detox, it’s important to understand how the body’s natural detox system works to optimize results and avoid myths.

There are three ways that the body excretes toxins during a THC detox: through sweating, through urinating, and through defecating. Because THC is stored in fat cells, there are a few factors that determine how long the weed will stay in your system, which in turn determines how your personal THC detox will work. Your body fat percentage, as well as the other factors that determine your metabolism (age, exercise habits, and gender) offer valuable insight as to how well your body will detox THC. Of course, it’s also very important to consider how frequently you use cannabis products and how much of them you use. The heavier the use, the longer a marijuana detox will take. As such, one of the most important steps in your THC detox is abstaining from using marijuana products altogether. This gives your body the best chance possible to rid itself of the existing weed in your system.

Wondering specifically how to use our THC Detox works? Here are the instructions that come with our THC Detox Kit:

  • Start the detox program at least 48 hours prior to drug screen;

  • Take 3 tablets every 6 to 8 hours;

  • Take the detox tablets with 8 oz of water / can be taken with or without food;

  • Do not smoke marijuana during the detox process or be around secondhand marijuana smoke.

We use only highly-effective, pharmaceutical grade extracts in a proprietary blend for the best marijuana detox available. You can learn all about the ingredients here.

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