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Verdant Herbals THC Detox Kit: Safe - Fast - Effective

Verdant Herbal's THC Detox Kit will remove within 48 hours any detectable marijuana elements (aka THC metabolites) from your body. The kit's detox tablets contain an extremely concentrated formula ...

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Erika (10/8/19) -

I passed! Thank you! I went ahead and stoked up on a couple emergency ones, can’t recommend you guys enough.

Stephen (7/14/19) -

Worked like a charm!

Andy (7/14/19) -

My go to! Thank you so much! I’m in the military and have used this twice and passed both times! I owe you guys my career… thank you thank you thank you!

Zach (6/14/19) -

I've used Verdant's 2 Day Kit multiple times (4 to be exact) and have passed my tests everytime! 

Brian H. (6/2/19) -

Did a bit of searching around to find the best product and had my concerns at first when ordering here, but after doing so I can be reassured that it does truly work which relieves a ton of stress!  

Joshua H. (5/19/19) -

I bought a "detox kit" from another site a couple years ago and freaking failed and it cost me a job! Why is it such a big deal for a painter to "smoke" on his off-time?!?!?! Well, thank god, your products worked no problem and I wasn't busted this time!  

Tony C. (5/18/19) -

Thanks guys! I'd recommend this product to anyone. I smoke on a regular basis and work in construction. I had to take a short notice test due to one of my coworkers screwing up on the job (the whole crew had to take tests). You guys got it to me fast and I can't believe it but it worked! Happy to still have my job. Thank you!

Steven (4/5/19) -

I passed my pre-employement drug test! I was only worried about getting busted for weed so your detox kit is exactly what I needed. 

Shannon (3/16/19) -

Helped me! I'd recommend this to anyone!

Alex (3/12/19) -

So quick and easy! Not gonna lie, I smoke a lot and was worried that I wouldn't pass! Quest Diagnostics Labs ain't got nothing on your product!

Russ T. (3/6/19) -

Still on my wrestling team! Thanks! 

Brandon (1/15/19) -

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been so stressed the past few days, thought I was going to fail for sure! 

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