Will They Know I Took a Detox Kit?

Do they know I detoxed from THC?

If you need to detox THC because you’ve got to pass a drug test, then it may be a bit worrisome that the drug test administrator could trace your use of a detox kit. That would be a lose-lose situation, because then they’d know that not only do you use weed, but also you’re trying to cover it up! Don’t worry — we wouldn’t put you in that kind of predicament while trying to detox THC. The labs that review your drug test panel will absolutely NOT be able to tell that you took a detox kit (sigh of relief, you’re safe!). Here is why.

When you take a drug test, the lab is looking for many different types of drug use. When we’re talking specifically about weed, they’re looking for THC compounds called cannabinoids. The general threshold they test for is 50 ng/ml cannabinoids, which we wrote about here. When you detox THC from your system, the goal is to ensure that no cannabinoids show up on the drug test.  Our THC detox kit rids your system of these compounds so that you pass the drug test. The key to ensuring that the detox ingredients don’t show up on the drug test is in the ingredients of the detox pills.

The detox pills are specially formulated to help you detox THC in a safe, effective, all-natural way. We worked hard to optimize a formula that contains ingredients that are in most people’s diets, and there are no chemical-based ingredients in our detox pills whatsoever. Here’s a quick look at the ingredients:

●     Organic Coltsfoot

●     Organic Elecampane

●     Organic Fennel

●     Organic Licorice Root

●     Organic Milk Thistle

●     Organic Chickweed

●     Organic Yellow Dock

●     Organic Ginseng

●     Organic Potassium

●     L-Glutamine

●     Mullien

●     Fenugreek

●     Organic Slippery Elm

As you can see, the ingredients to detox THC are mostly organic and are all naturally occurring in diets — as well as not tested for on drug test panels. If you want to read a comprehensive explanation of our ingredients, go here.

It should also ease your mind to know that we use pharmaceutical grade concentrations for the most effective THC detox possible. And even though our detox pills are super concentrated, you don’t have to worry about them showing up on a drug test. We are the only people who will know that you needed to detox THC out of your system, and the secret is safe with us!

You can read a few reviews from satisfied customers to help ease your mind even more that not only will you pass your drug test, but they also will have no idea you used a detox kit:

Joshua H. -

I bought a "detox kit" from another site a couple years ago and freaking failed and it cost me a job! Why is it such a big deal for a painter to "smoke" on his off-time?!?!?! Well, thank god, your products worked no problem and I wasn't busted this time! 

Tony C. -

Thanks guys! I'd recommend this product to anyone. I smoke on a regular basis and work in construction. I had to take a short notice test due to one of my coworkers screwing up on the job (the whole crew had to take tests). You guys got it to me fast and I can't believe it but it worked! Happy to still have my job. Thank you!

If you have any questions about how to detox THC, feel free to reach out to us!