Weed and your Blood Stream

How does weed enter blood stream (and do you need a weed detox kit?)

Thinking about buying a weed detox kit but curious about the science of how marijuana works? It’s actually  pretty fascinating topic to consider. If you’ve been reading our previous blogs, then you know all about how long weed stays in your system, as well as how a weed detox kit works. But since weed is either typically inhaled or ingested via edibles, how exactly does it get into your blood? Let’s take a look.

How weed enters blood from inhaling it

Before you can feel the “high” that most people who use marijuana seek from using it, THC and other chemicals enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain. Once these chemicals enter the brain, you begin to feel high. The process of traveling into the bloodstream happens upon the first inhalation. When you smoke weed, the inhale carries the THC and other chemicals into the lungs, which are lined with tiny organs called alveoli. Alveoli “are tiny sacs within our lungs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between the lungs and bloodstream (source).” So, when the alveoli release oxygen into the bloodstream, they also release the THC that you inhaled from hitting the joint (or whatever method you used to inhale the weed).

How weed enters blood from ingesting it

Are you into edibles? Obviously the digestive process is much different from the respiratory process, so if you’re eating weed brownies or whatever — the weed won’t enter your blood through your lungs! When you eat marijuana, it goes down into the stomach as part of the digestive function. Once there, blood absorbs it and sends it to the liver, which continues the filtration process through the blood. This is a slower process, so you won’t feel high as quickly when you eat marijuana as opposed to inhaling it. However, the effects of edibles last longer because the THC absorbs at  slower rate. Some people opt to drink marijuana tea, which works in a similar fashion to eating weed edibles. The tea is usually pretty diluted though, so the same high (as inhaling) usually doesn’t occur from drinking marijuana.

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