Failing a Drug Test: Why You Should Have Tried the THC Detox

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Often times you’ll hear advice on natural ways to pass a drug test that yields to the opposite- a failed drug test. While there are many natural detox methods out there that people swear by, they aren’t as effective as a weed detox kit in helping you to pass a drug test right on the spot.

Not to mention, most people who detox their bodies in preparation for a drug test are crunched for time anyway as they didn’t receive warning from their boss- or whoever made the request. Therefore, natural methods do not make an ideal solution for chronic marijuana users looking to pass a drug test on a short notice. 

Today, we’re going to debunk some of those natural detox methods, discuss some of the things that people do to cheat on their drug tests, and provide a solution to these problems—The THC detox.

Here they are, Natural Detox Methods:

1.    Abstain from marijuana. We can’t argue with this one as this is the only natural and proven method to passing a drug test. However, for drug users, this might be completely unrealistic

2.    Drink lots of water. Consuming many glasses of water a day is no doubt good for your health and it seems as if it would help to filter out toxins within your body, and to some extent, it does. But, the idea that it can help to eliminate THC from your body in hopes of passing a drug test is questionable-- and yet to be proven.

Here’s why: drinking an excessive amount of water over a long period of time will only be reabsorbed from the renal tubule to the blood which in turn, makes the drug more concentrated in the urine. And for this reason, the drug will only get reabsorbed back into the blood…and the cycle continues. Therefore, flushing your system with more water won’t actually force your kidneys to filter more or faster, for that matter.

3.    Exercise. Since THC is stored in the fat cells of your body, it makes sense to exercise to speed up the fat burning process, right? Wrong. This method only makes passing a drug test harder. This is a case where more really is less. According to a study back in 2013, exercising elevates THC levels. In fact, it prolongs the elevated levels. Therefore, it would be wise not to exercise at all for 48 hours prior to your drug test.

4.    Eat clean.  As mentioned previously, THC is stored in the fat cells of your body. So it seems that eating foods that would speed up your metabolism, or cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates, would help to eliminate THC from your body. To some extent, it does. But, this method is much more time-consuming than the other methods.

Just like going on a diet to lose weight, this will also take time and patience before you actually see results. And by the time you see a drop in your THC levels, your body will have naturally eliminated the drug on it’s own. Therefore, it’s not an ideal or proven solution that would help you to pass a last minute drug test.

5.    Sweat. There are many myths that claim sitting in a sauna will help you to pass a drug test. While sweating does help to eliminate toxins such as metabolites from your body, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that it’ll help you to pass a drug test. The reason being is because the majority of your toxins are excreted through urine or bowels movements, leaving only a small trace of metabolite behind in your sweat.

Even if the sauna method were feasible you’d have to sit in there for hours, perhaps even days, to completely rid your system of THC and even then you still wouldn’t be able to secrete enough metabolites to pass a drug test.  

Although these natural methods might help to eliminate toxins in your body in some manner, they aren’t reliable methods to use to pass a drug test on the spot.

If you’re an occasional smoker and you know that you’re required to take a drug test within the next 3-4 weeks you might benefit (keyword, MIGHT) from these natural detox methods.

If you know that you’re a few months out from taking a drug test, you might benefit from the most natural method and that is, time. It’s just a matter of waiting for the metabolites to pass through your body on it’s own clock- which could take many weeks. This presents a problem to those who don’t have weeks.

So if you’re a chronic marijuana user required to take a drug test within a few days it’d be best to skip all natural methods and go for a reliable method such as the THC detox (more on that later). 

Ways People Cheat Their Drug Test

1.    Diluting your Urine.  Many people will consume large amounts of water prior to their drug test in an effort to dilute their urine. Although it helps to lower your THC levels, it isn’t a reliable method to use to pass a drug test.

2.    Tampering with Urine. Adding foreign substances to your urine to contaminate it will only result in a false positive leaving you to have to re-take the test. This method is even less reliable than diluting your urine.

3.    Using someone else’s urine. If you try to sneak someone else’s urine into the bathroom where the sample is being taken and claim it as your own you’ll more than likely get caught.

4.    Masking. Using substances that mask a drug sample is another bad method to use as it will also result in a false positive. 

Drug screenings are more advanced now days and have come a long way in being able to determine when someone has cheated their test. When they do detect tainted samples, they’ll require you to re-take your drug test so it wouldn’t be wise or worth trying to beat the system. If you’ve cheated and failed a test before, we’ll explain why you should have gone on a THC detox instead next. 

What is a THC detox, anyway? 

Going on a THC detox will help to flush out weed, or metabolites from marijuana, from your body at a rapid speed. And when I mean rapid I mean a matter of days, or hours depending on the kit you choose to use. A weed detox kit will ensure that you will be able to pass a drug test for the following circumstances:

1.    Job Interview

2.    Maintain Employment

3.    College Entrance

4.    Truck Driving license

5.    Court ordered drug test

6.    Doctor ordered drug test

7.    Probation

…and so forth!

The above mentioned reasons for taking a drug test are far too important to lose or jeopardize so it’s important to prepare for your drug test the right way. That being said, you might not even have days to prepare. You might only have less than 48 hours before you’re required to give a urine sample.

This is why a weed detox kit makes the ideal solution for those last minute notices. It can help to cleanse your body from metabolites or THC very quickly, and not just mask them. It’ll also give you peace of mind knowing that your body will be prepared for the test and you’ll know what kind of results to expect. 

Learn more about how to use our weed detox kits by checking out our best practices article here.    

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