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Eliminating THC from Your Body

Many drug users resort to using a marijuana detox kit to eliminate THC from their body as it’s the most ideal solution there is to passing a drug test at the last minute. That being said, many people react differently to different detox methods and drug tests. Therefore, knowing your current level of metabolites or THC within your body prior to taking a drug test is helpful. This will give you an idea of how well you will pass your test or a timeframe as to how long it will take to rid your system from these toxins.

But first, and before discussing the benefits of a marijuana or THC detox kit, it’s important to know everything there is to know about THC and how it affects your body from the inside out. We’ll start by defining what it is and go from there.  

So, What is THC?

THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of my many chemical compounds found in a plant called cannabis that activates psychological and physiological responses in your body. It acts very much like the cannabinoids that your body naturally makes. It’s the most psychoactive cannabinoid there is as it alters the brain in a way that leaves you with a feeling of euphoria, hence why it’s a very popular drug worldwide. 

How does THC affect your body?

Once THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) enters into your bloodstream, the chemical binds to cannabinoid receptors of the brain and the central nervous system, specifically- CB1 and CB2. This is why THC affects both your psychological and physiological state.

CB1 receptors are found in the cells of your brain and when bonded to cannabinoids they trigger your (ECS) endogenous cannabinoids- your body’s own chemical receptors- to release dopamine, hence why you feel relaxed or high. The affects are very similar to those of taking morphine, except much more powerful, as it tricks your brain.

CB2 receptors, on the other hand, bind to the cells of the immune system and act as an anti-inflammatory which is why many use THS to cure health problems such as cancer, digestive disorders, mood disorders, chronic pain, etc. CB2 receptors are also found in our skin and for this reason, many are using THC as a topical/skin treatment. In fact, over 50 % of states within the U.S. have legalized medical marijuana because it has proven success in curing many ailments. 

Needless to say, THC is used for many reasons far beyond recreational use, but nonetheless it’s still considered an illegal drug for non-medical uses in most states. In fact, most companies require routine drug tests that are advanced enough to detect drug consumption further back in time making it more difficult for chronic users to pass.

How long does THC stay in your system?

Some believe that Marijuana can remain in your system for up to a month, but it really depends on the person. Many factors determine the amount of time it takes to metabolize and eliminate THC from the body such as age, gender, diet, metabolic rate, water intake, lifestyle.

Knowing how much detoxing you need to do in order to pass a drug test is vitally important. It’s not enough to just eliminate THC from your body as drug tests can also detect metabolites- which are byproducts of a substance after it’s been processed or metabolized.

In order to determine how much detoxing your body needs it’s important to know your current level of metabolite-  or leftover substances from marijuana. It’s also important to know the test “cut off” or how much metabolites will result in a failed drug test. Most marijuana tests require your metabolites levels to be below 50ng/ml to pass which, unless you use a marijuana detox kit, could take many days to prepare and cleanse for.

Depending on the type of test you take- whether it’s urine, saliva, blood, or hair- will determine the test ”cut off” so it’s important to do your research and be well informed in advance. To get an idea of where your level of metabolites currently lie you can use an at-home kit as there are many options on the market, so long as they’re reliable. 

How long does it take to get below 50ng/ml?

Again, and as mentioned previously, it all depends on the person and their lifestyle. It also depends on the amount of body fat that person has as THC is stored in the fat cells of your body. The more fat stored in your body, the longer it will take to metabolize THC and essentially rid the chemical from your system all together. This is why so many resort to exercising vigorously right before a drug test. They’re hoping to speed up the fat burning process which essentially speeds up the detoxing process.  

That being said, there are studies that show some commonality among chronic marijuana users and the time it took for them to detox and pass a standard drug test. Keep in mind, these participants did not use a detox kit, pill, or special drink to jump start the detoxing process, but rather a natural detox method- time.   

For an example, one study conducted in 1984 tested chronic marijuana users at a cut off of 50ng/ml which proved that 8 out of 10 participants only needed 13 days to cleanse their system before passing a drug test.

Another marijuana study in 1989 showed that it took chronic marijuana users an estimate of 11 days to rid their system and pass their tests with a sensitivity of 20ng/ml. 

Why Use a Marijuana Detox Kit?

Occasionally, your boss might request you to take a drug test that you’re far from prepared for. And he does this completely by surprise. The last thing you want to do is fail a drug test and lose your job because losing your job means no income.

A THC detox kit is the smartest option that can help save you in those last minute binds. It can help to, specifically, eliminate marijuana and the remaining metabolites from your urine, saliva, or blood stream much quicker than any other detox method out there. It’s a method that rapidly speeds up the detoxing process which is necessary to rid your body of the chemical entirely. It can also provide you with reassurance and peace of mind that you’ll pass your drug test because it has already been tried and tested.

Where Do I Find a Detox Kit?

There are many types of marijuana detox methods out there- from pills to drinks to THC detox kits; all of which claim to eliminate THC from your body. Some methods, however, don’t work at all and some take much longer to eliminate marijuana from your body. Therefore, it’s important to choose a method that is safe, reliable, and effective at removing every trace of the drug. The goal isn’t to trick or to cheat your drug test, but to eliminate every trace of the chemical in your body.

Final Thoughts

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