3 Ways to Test for Marijuana in Your System

Fact: nobody likes being drug tested. It’s not just invasive and annoying, but it’s also a huge deterrent to one of the great pleasure in life (using weed). Fortunately, we have the ultimate solution to beating marijuana testing via our 2-Day Detox Kit. And, we love to educate our customers on all things weed use and marijuana testing so you feel more confident about the entire process. In today’s blog, we’re shining a light on the most likely forms of marijuana testing you’ll encounter.  Let’s get started.

The type of drug test you’ll be faced with mostly depends on the reason for the test. For example, if you get stopped for erratic driving, you may be faced with saliva marijuana testing, which only measures very-recent use of weed. If you’re facing a drug test for a reason like a pre-employment screen, you’ll probably be tested with one of the methods below. The most common marijuana testing is via urine, so we’ll start there.

Urine Testing: You probably know how the “whiz quiz” works. You simply pee in a cup and off your urine sample goes to a lab to be tested for a number of different drugs. When it comes to marijuana testing, you’re probably curious how long weed stays in your urine. It’s not a clear cut answer, so we wrote an entire blog about it here.

Blood Testing: Blood tests aren’t administered as often in employment-related marijuana testing because of the skill set required to draw blood (and the associated risks). But if you do find yourself in circumstances that require marijuana blood testing, your level of worry should decline. Unless you’re a really heavy user, marijuana only stays in the blood for a few days. If you’re a chronic user, however, it can stay in the blood for up to 25 days (source: Healthline).

Hair Testing: Hair testing is the most loathed of all marijuana testing because THC can be present in hair follicles for much longer — up to 90 days. The test requires hair close to the scalp to be cut and sent in. If you’re bald or lacking hair, they’ll likely try to get a sample from elsewhere on your body. The good news is — marijuana hair testing is not all that common (unless you’re trying to get a job that requires a clearance or something like that).

While none of these types of marijuana testing yield pleasurable experiences, you can feel confident in our THC Detox Kit as a solution for fast, healthy detoxing. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you don’t pass your drug test or are for any other reason dissatisfied with your detox experience, we’ll refund your money. And yes, our detox is effective against urine, blood, and hair testing, so long as you take all of the pills over the 48-hour time frame and abstain from all weed use during the detox. Need more support? You can read some tips for passing a drug test here.