3 Types of Marijuana Drug Tests

Let’s be real.

Getting tested for weed sucks. Not only is it invasive, but it’s completely archaic. As of January 2019, 33 states have passed medical marijuana laws and 11 states (and Washington DC) have passed recreational weed laws. Unfortunately, weed’s not legal everywhere...yet.

Even in the states where marijuana is legal, people can still be drug tested for it. Whether for a job, court ordered, or something else entirely, drug testing for marijuana is still a common occurrence no matter how legal weed might be in some places.

Seeing as you’re here, you’re likely interested in learning how to pass a drug test. Whether you’re someone who tokes from time to time, or someone who smokes like Snoop Dogg, if you’ve got to take a drug test, it’s vital you know what to expect.

When it comes to getting tested for weed, there are three different types of marijuana drug tests that are commonly used. Here we’ll take a deeper look at each one.

The 3 Types of Marijuana Drug Tests

When it comes to testing for weed, there are typically three types of tests you can expect. The type of drug test you’ll be faced with typically depends on the reason you’re being tested in the first place.

Pulled over while hot boxing the car? You’ll might be faced with a saliva marijuana test, which several states now use to measure for very recent weed use. These tests are used primarily when you’re pulled over.

The drug tests we’ll focus on here, however, are the most common for those facing actual drug tests that ordered by someone else.

Pre-employment screening is typically the most common reason people are drug tested for marijuana. There are countless companies large and small across the nation that believe drug testing is an important part of employment screening both before and after an individual is hired.

College and major professional athletic leagues also commonly drug test for marijuana, even though athletes beat weed tests all the time.

There are also those unfortunate circumstances when a marijuana drug test is ordered by the court for whatever reason. If a judge rules you need to be tested for weed, there’s really no getting around it.

Regardless of the reason you’re getting tested, the most common way to test for weed is through a urinalysis. You know, the whole pee in a cup thing. Let’s take a deeper look at each type of drug test so you know exactly what’s in store.

1.    Urine Testing:

A urine test is considered extremely accurate and tests for THC metabolites in your urine. You basically just pee in a cup at a testing site, and it’s sent off to a lab to be tested for a number of different drugs (not just weed). A urine marijuana test will come back positive if the amount of THC in the urine is more than 50 nanograms per milliliter, which is considered the cutoff level. Less than 50 ng/ml and you’re typically good to go. When giving a urine sample, there may or may not be a clinician in the room with you. 

2.    Blood Testing:

Blood testing for weed isn’t at all as common as urine testing. Blood tests aren’t typically administered when getting tested for weed by a potential employer due to the skill it requires to draw blood. Blood testing for marijuana is also more expensive than urine testing. If for some reason you do find yourself in a situation where you’re getting blood tested for marijuana use, there’s no need to panic about taking a drug test. 

Unless you’re a heavy cannabis consumer, weed doesn’t stay in the blood long at all. A 2014 study, for example, found that “in occasional users, THC serum levels cannot be detected already 4 hours after usual cannabis dose, whereas in chronic users measurable THC concentrations in serum persist longer.” According to Healthline, if you’re a heavy user, marijuana can stay in the blood of occasional users for 1-2 days and heavy users for up to 25 days. 

3.    Hair Testing:

Did you know that weed can stay in your hair for up to 90 days? No wonder it’s the most hated type of marijuana testing out of all of them. Hair testing isn’t common, but it does occasionally occur. Hair testing requires that hair close to the scalp is cut and sent into a lab for testing. If you’re bald or lacking hair, you’re not out of the woods completely. They’ll simply try to get a hair sample from somewhere else on your body.

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