Can I Detox from Marijuana in 2 Days?

Facing an upcoming marijuana drug test?

If you’re a weed user, then you’re probably looking for ways to detox fast so you can pass your marijuana drug test and move on. The short answer is YES. You can detox from marijuana in just two days — IF you’re using our THC Detox Kit. If you decide to go rogue and try other detox methods, we can’t guarantee you’ll be successful. Let’s start by looking at how long weed stays in your system.  

Mayo Clinic Proceedings reports the following amount of time that weed stays in your system:

●         Occasional users (up to three times a week): 3 days

●         Moderate users (four times a week): 5 to 7 days

●         Chronic users (daily): 10 to 15 days

●         Chronic heavy users (multiple times a day): more than 30 days 

Of course there are a lot of variables that go into determining how long weed does stay in your system (such as BMI, frequency weed is used, strength of strand, etc.), but as you can see — even occasional users can still have THC in their system after three days! So, it makes sense that if you’re facing a marijuana drug test, you want to detox as quickly as possible. The good news is that regardless if you’re an occasional user or a chronic heavy user, you can detox in just two days with our unique detox pills. Wondering why? 

The three ways that the body excretes THC metabolites include through sweat, through urine, and through bowel movements. The least amount of THC metabolites are excreted through sweat, so if people tell you to just go sit in a sauna to detox for your marijuana drug test — they are wrong. You really need to activate the other excretion methods so that the body is cleansed from the lingering metabolites. And to get a bit more technical — you need to ensure that you optimize your liver, which is the majorly hard-working detox organ. It works constantly to detoxify our blood, produce the bile needed to digest fat (where THC metabolites are stored), break down hormones, and store essential vitamins and minerals.  And when the liver is not functioning optimally, we cannot digest our food properly, especially fats (where THC metabolites are stored)! 

The good news is — our 2-Day THC Detox Kit is designed to do all of this and more. In fact, we are so confident in the Kit’s ability to help you pass your marijuana drug test that we offer a money-back guarantee. That’s right — if, for some reason, you don’t pass your marijuana drug test, we’ll refund your money. The reason is because we have worked extensively during the last 8 years to get the formula down to a science (literally — we use independent studies to make our formula decisions!). Our detox kit features an extremely concentrated formula that only requires the user to take (18) tablets over the course of 48 hours for a rapid cleanse of THC from the body (and of course, you should be abstaining from marijuana use during the detox period). Set yourself up for success with the first step of passing your marijuana drug test — order your THC Detox Kit today!