THC Detox 101

A Complete Guide to Doing a THC Detox

What is a THC detox, exactly? It’s simple. A THC detox is the process of eliminating all residual THC compounds that collect in the body after consuming cannabis. Detoxing from THC is different for everyone and eliminating THC metabolites from your body can take a few days up to several weeks depending on how much marijuana you actually consume.

Smoke weed all day everyday and you can expect a THC detox to take some time. If you’re someone who likes to wake and bake, then stay elevated all day, you could be looking at THC to linger in your system for more than a couple months. Research shows that extremely heavy cannabis consumers can have THC show up in their urine for up to 77 days.

Say, on the other hand, you consume very little cannabis. Maybe you smoke a joint on the weekends from time to time with your friends. Maybe you consume a couple times a week. If you don’t regularly consume cannabis, a THC detox could only take a few days.

Why Detox from THC?

There are several reasons someone might need to do a THC detox. There’s the obvious, like needing to pass a drug test. Then there’s those that might consider detoxing from THC for other reasons. Think increased energy and incorporating more healthy habits, because let’s be honest. As much as we all love weed, consuming too much of it can lead to some serious burnout.

We’ve put together this guide for anyone considering a THC detox. Planning and preparation can go a long way when it comes to cleansing your body by detoxing from THC.

The Most Common Reasons for a THC Detox

Like we said, there are several reasons someone might want to detox from THC. Passing a drug test is the most common reason people do a THC detox, but there are definitely other motives as well.

  • Job Interview / Employment Requirements

While Bloomberg News reports that pre-employment drug screening is declining, according to some statistics, 56% of US employers still require potential employees to pass a drug test. While there are several states across the country that have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, not all employers are on board with their workers smoking pot.

  •  College / University Athletic Requirements

While most colleges don’t require incoming students to submit to drug tests, anyone who plays sports at the college level knows they’ll likely have to submit to routine drug testing in order to play. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates student athletes from over 1,200 North American institutions and conferences. According to the NCAA, the purpose of this program is to deter students from using performance enhancing drugs. They test for steroids, peptide hormones and masking agents year-round, while testing for stimulants and recreational drugs during championships. Student-athletes that test positive for THC could be at risk for being penalized and withheld from competition.

  •  Court Mandated Drug Tests

While no one wants to be forced to take a drug test, there are countless people mandated by the court to submit to regular drug testing. Drug tests are a common part of probation, and a cannabis consumer who wants to meet probation requirements may need to detox from THC. For people at risk of facing jail time or losing custody of their children, failing a drug test could prove devastating. Anyone who consumes cannabis and faces court mandated drug tests will need to know exactly how to successfully do a THC detox.

  •  THC Tolerance Break

If you frequently smoke weed, it’s likely you’re familiar with what’s called a tolerance break (commonly referred to as a T-break). Many of us who consume cannabis regularly sometimes need to take a break. If you’re feeling the urge to cut back on your marijuana consumption habits, that’s totally okay. Whether you want to take a bit of a break or go for a complete lifestyle changing doing a THC detox could be just the catalyst you need to do so. Truly, one of the most beneficial things about natural THC detox products is that they can help you get started on the journey to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Regardless of the reason one might have to detox from THC, most people that do a THC detox look into various THC detox products that are readily available on the market.

How Do THC Detox Products Work?

You might have noticed that there are several THC detox products available on the market. Do they all work the same?

Short answer is no. The majority of THC detox kits and drinks available don’t remove THC metabolites from your system…they simply mask the presence of THC in your body. While THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that makes you high, it’s not THC drug labs are testing for. Instead, they’re looking for a THC metabolite known as THC-COOH that is produced when the liver breaks down THC in your system. THC-COOH is stored in your fat cells, which is why it remains in the body long after you’re high wears off.

Most products simply mask the THC-COOH metabolite rather than removing it completely from the body. This is why in order to do a full-on THC detox, you need a product that effectively eliminates THC-COOH.

Verdant Herbals THC Detox Kit

At Verdant Herbals, we understand how important doing a THC detox is. That’s why we’ve spent the last decade developing a detox formula that takes a different approach to detoxing from THC. Unlike many other products available on the market, our Two-Day THC Detox Kit doesn’t just mask THC metabolites in the body…it removes them completely.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of organic herbal components known for their powerful detoxification properties, our THC detox kit is specifically designed to remove all detectable THC metabolites. The ingredients we used work together synergistically by encouraging the body to eliminate THC-COOH through your natural excretory processes (sweat, urine, and bowel movements).

6 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your THC Detox

Our THC detox kit has worked time and time again for countless individuals who desire to rapidly detox from THC. Whether you need to pass a urine drug test or are doing a THC detox for personal reasons, our unique formula is guaranteed to remove all traces of THC from your body in just two days…or your money back.

That being said, there are some things you can do to help the process and get the most out of your THC detox.

1. Stop Consuming Cannabis

While this might seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many people continue to consume cannabis right up until the day they need to pass a drug test. The whole point of doing a THC detox is to detox from THC, which is literally impossible if you keep smoking weed.  

2. Understand the Withdrawal Process 

Worried about experiencing withdrawal? We don’t blame you. While cannabis isn’t addictive, if you consume it regularly, you may experience some very real withdrawal symptoms. These can include headache, irritability, lethargy, depression, and difficulty sleeping.  

Withdrawal typically starts about 24 hours after you stop consuming cannabis and typically peaks in 2-4 days. The best thing you can do if you experience withdrawal is to incorporate some natural herbs that can help with the process. GABA and magnesium are awesome to take for weed withdrawal. You also might consider melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile to help you sleep.  

3. Learn Everything You Can About the Detox Process

They say knowledge is power. Knowing everything you can about the detox process before you begin can help ensure a successful THC detox. Our blog contains tons of information about the detox process and are an excellent source of information about detoxing from THC in general.  

Making sure you’re mentally prepared is key and can help immensely through the entire process. Knowing your reasons for detoxing before you start the process is also important and can help you choose the best THC detox kit to fit your personal needs.  

Two of the most important things to be prepared for are withdrawal symptoms and the length of your detox. Everyone reacts different when doing a THC detox, so being prepared is paramount.  

4. Pick the Best Time to Do Your Detox

If you’re facing a pending drug test, it’s important that you plan the best time to do your detox. Scheduling your THC detox can make the process more successful and give you the time you need to adjust to the change of not consuming cannabis.  

We recommend starting your detox on a weekend or your days off when you can chill out and keep your overall activity levels low. This allows you to focus completely on giving yourself the self-care you need, which can help decrease some of the side effects that are a large part of detoxing from cannabis.  

5. Eat Healthy, Wholesome Foods

What you eat during your detox has a powerful effect on its success. Remember that THC metabolites are stored in your fat cells. Because of this we suggest eating a clean diet full of healthy, wholesome foods. You should plan on cutting out sugar and carbs, which is easier when you don’t have the munchies. Eating a clean diet during your THC detox will help force the body to metabolize fat and excrete excess THC metabolites.  

We also recommend drinking a lot of water and green tea multiple times a day throughout the detox period. When you consume large amounts of water and green tea (which is a powerful antioxidant), you help cleanse the kidneys and further decrease any lingering THC metabolites. Staying well hydrated also helps boost your metabolism, which will also help move those metabolites out of your system.  

6. Get Plenty of Exercise

We can’t stress how important it is to exercise when doing a THC detox. When we say “plenty of exercise” we mean like at least an hour a day of an exercise routine that will help you get your sweat on. Running, hot yoga, and CrossFit are all awesome ways to engage in exercise that will make you sweat out THC metabolites in the body.

Things to Avoid When Doing a THC Detox

Now that you know what can make your THC detox more successful, it’s important you know what to avoid. Once again, the most important thing you can do when doing a THC detox is avoid all marijuana products. We’re sure you understand, but need you to realize how important it really is. Like we said, you’d be surprised.

Another important thing to consider when doing a THC detox is not to combine THC detox products. We know it can be tempting, especially when you’re facing an important drug test. Using more than one product, however, could produce unexpected results. When doing a THC detox, it’s best to stick to one product that can meet your needs.

We mentioned eating a healthy, wholesome diet when doing a THC detox. This means avoiding all fatty foods. French fries, burgers, cookies, and cakes are out. Why? They make it more difficult to eliminate the fat from your body where THC metabolites are stored. You’ll also want to skip on foods that are high in sodium as they can cause water retention.

What to Expect During Your THC Detox

Let’s be real. Doing a THC detox isn’t going to be easy. You’re making a complete switch to a healthier lifestyle, if only for a few days. If you’re accustomed to smoking weed all day and satisfying your munchies with junk food, it’s likely to be even more difficult. It’s not impossible, though! And we promise that you’ll feel a lot better, even though it might not seem like it when you begin.

You’ll need to stay motivated and remind yourself of the reasons you’re doing your detox in the first place. Doing a THC detox could bring up some rather negative emotions. This is perfectly normal and is something you can expect.

You’ll also need to hold yourself accountable. If this is your first time doing any kind of detox, it can help if you do it with someone else. Even if your friends don’t want to stop smoking weed with you, they’re bound to offer the encouragement you need to successfully make it through.  

Our Two-Day THC Detox Kit is here to help you get the most out of your THC detox. We’ve been in your shoes before, which is exactly why we’ve spent years developing a formula that works.

Doing a THC detox isn’t the end of the world and can actually make you feel really good. Still have questions about detoxing from THC? Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re always here to help.