THC Detox Kit

THC Detox Kit: Best Practices to Eliminate Marijuana from Your Body

Body cleansing methods such as a THC detox kit not only contribute to your overall health, but can help to eliminate THC or metabolite elements from the body before taking a drug test. Many chronic marijuana users are required to take drug tests on very short notices leaving them with very little time to prepare. As a result, they naturally resort to last-minute detox methods; most of which are unsuccessful in helping to rid the body of THC resulting in a failed drug test.  

It’s really important to know which type of drug screening you’re testing for before hand as the type of test may have some part to do with the actual outcome or results. For an example, some tests can only go so far back in time to detect THC or drug consumption. It’s also important to remember that the national standard requires a 50 ng/ml detection time for each of the following drug screening tests: Urine Testing, Hair Testing, Saliva Testing, and and Blood Testing.   

Urine Testing

Urine testing is a simple, non-invasive way to test for drugs and/or drug metabolites within the urine. Although it is a common method, It’s only effective in detecting recent drug consumption as it can only detect back to one week. Marijuana users who are required to undergo this type of screening would benefit using a marijuana detox kit as this will help to speed up the cleansing process. The cons of taking a urine drug test is that it can sometimes result in a false positive because it can’t distinguish between your body’s own natural opiates and artificial opiates in the form of drugs.

Hair Testing

Hair testing is another common, non-invasive drug test as each hair follicle can help to determine if one has consumed drugs over the years.  When you consume marijuana or other drugs, substances diffuse from the blood into the hair follicle leaving traces of metabolites in each strand. Many use this form of method because it’s reliable in detecting drug consumption from over the years. There are, however, exceptions and factors that can make the test ineffective such as bleaching or dying your hair as it strips away the metabolites, leaving no traces behind.    

Saliva Testing

Saliva drug test, also known as an oral fluid drug test, is non-invasive like the urine and hair sample test as it only requires a quick collection of your saliva. A swab of saliva is taken from the tester’s mouth, specifically- between their lower gum and cheek. These drug screening tests not only have an early detection window that occurs within 24-48 hours, but also provide immediate results.

Blood Testing

Blood testing is more invasive than the aforementioned drug tests, but nevertheless provides detailed information about drug use. It’s surprisingly the most common form of blood tests, but it serves a greater purpose in medical settings than it does in drug screening situations. That being said, blood testing can and has been used to determine alcohol levels of drunk drivers. Should a chronic marijuana user be required to undergo this form of drug screening they too could benefit from a marijuana detox kit as it could help rid the blood stream of the drug. 

Why Natural Detox Methods Don’t Work? 

Some believe that there are alternative or natural detox methods that can help eliminate THC from your body-- such as teas, pickle juice, cranberry juice, lecithin, vinegar, water purification tablets, et. While these substances might contribute to your overall health, they can’t guarantee to fully cleanse your body of marijuana overnight, nor have they been proven to help people pass a drug screening with a 50 ng/ml detection time. These natural substances could take many days and even weeks to rid your body of toxins or metabolites- which is more time than what some have to prepare for a test. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to rely solely on these methods for passing a drug test.  

Why Exercise Is Not an Overnight Solution?

Since THC is stored in the fat cells of the body it makes sense to speed up your fat burning process. This is why many resort to a last minute work-out or partake in some type of cardiovascular exercise. They’re hoping to eliminate as many toxins as they can in a short amount of time. While exercise does help to speed up the process, it does not make a great last minute solution because it could take several days before it cleanses or metabolizes the metabolites within your body.

Marijuana Detox Kit

Now that we’ve talked about the natural detox methods and how they aren’t able to eliminate THC overnight, let’s talk about one tried-and-true solution that can achieve results in a matter of hours- a marijuana detox kit.  

A marijuana detox kit is the best solution for passing a drug test that you simply were not prepared to take. Often times, companies will require their employees to take surprise drug screenings which, for marijuana users, can result in a failed drug test. Failing a drug test can be detrimental as it can harm your reputation and more importantly, cause you to lose your job—or income. That’s why a THC detox kit can really come in handy at the very last minute and save you from major losses. 

How to Choose the Right One?

It’s important to use a marijuana detox kit that helps to eliminate the drug from your system all together, rather than disguise the toxins so that you end up cheating your test. Drugs tests are becoming more advanced as they are now able to detect when someone has cheated, so It’s wise to eliminate marijuana from your system entirely. Not to mention, doing so will give you peace and mind about the results.   

Our Solution to Eliminating THC from Your Body  

Our THC detox kit is designed to rapidly remove marijuana and metabolites from your body within 48 hours. The detox tablets contain a concentrated formula that only require the user to take 18 tablets. We use a tried-and-true formula that has been helping customers pass their drug tests for the past 8 years. Our kit is one of the finest out there as we use pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural and concentrated extracts.

What Makes Up Our Formula? 

We use a unique formula that consists of pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural ingredients. The concentrated extracts that we use are; Coltsfoot, Elecampane, Fennel, Cascara Sagrada, Creatine (monohydrate), Burdock Root, Dandelion Extract, Goldenseal Extract, Liroicce Root, Milk Thistel, Chichweed, Yellow Dock, Cat’s Claw, Ginseng (Korean), Potassium, L-Glutamine, Mullien, Fenugreek, and Slippery Elm Extract  

Who Could Benefit from Our Program?  

Whether you’re a chronic marijuana user or someone who uses it lightly, our program is designed for anyone who is afraid of failing a drug test- especially for those who are required to take one at the very last minute. The program has proven to eliminate every piece of metabolites from your urine, saliva, and blood stream leaving no traces behind. That being said, the kit works most effectively for those who weigh under 260 pounds.  

As a safety precaution, It’s real important to follow the instructions prior to using. Failure to do so could lead to unwanted results.  

Does It Actually Work? 

We’re confident in our program as we’ve seen proof of success with our customers over the past eight years which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed. If, for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with your results, your money will be refunded.    

Final Thoughts 

Passing a drug test is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re well informed and educated about how to eliminate marijuana from your urine, saliva, or blood stream you’ll be passing your drug tests with flying colors. Although natural detox methods can help to eliminate metabolites in your system in some aspect, it can’t guarantee that you’ll pass the 50 ng/ml detection time required for each drug test. A THC detox kit, however, can help eliminate all traces of metabolites in your system; hence making it the most ideal and time efficient method there is.   

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